Israel, Gaza Terrorists Agree on Ceasefire After Bloody Weekend

Ceasefire comes after weekend where more than 120 rockets were fired at Israel.

Published: April 11th 2011
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Over 120 rockets fired at Israel this weekend.

As of Sunday night, April 10th, Israel and terrorist groups in Gaza have agreed to a ceasefire which comes just hours after government ministers ordered the army "to continue to act against those responsible for terrorism."


The ceasefire comes after a particularly bad weekend during which more than 120 rockets were fired at Israel, and in which Israel retaliated against sites of terrorist activity, killing19 Gaza Palestinians.


"We will judge the other side over the next few days. The extent to which Hamas controls the other militant groups will affect the way we choose to act," said a senior Israeli official.


A Palestinian source quoted in the Arabic newspaper Al-Sharq al-Aswat, said that Egypt is working to seal the current unwritten ceasefire and asked the United Nations to help with negotiations.


Israeli military strikes on Gaza began April 7 after Hamas fired an anti-tank rocket at a school bus, critically injuring a teenage boy and the bus driver.

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