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Published: April 10th 2011
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Jewish tweets

Justin Bieber heads to Israel, Chelsea Handler wants you to see Hop, Dan Levy is throwing a party, Sarah Silverman has a suggestion, Joan Rivers makes another Charlie Sheen joke, Matisyahu shoots a movie in British Columbia, Glee’s Dianna Agron wants to know what you used to do when you were young, William Shatner wants to answer your questions and Bob Saget is glad that his mom is okay.


justinbieber: love italy. best food ever! show was incredible and the party was fun. thanks for the good times. Now Off to the Israel!


chelseahandler: Go see HOP this weekend. I won’t cause I hate kids, but you should.


danjlevy: Throwing a big house party tonight. Regretting it already.


SarahKSilverman: If you don't have enough regret in your life, try cutting bangs.


Joan_Rivers: Melissa keeps begging: "No more plastic surgery!" I say, "Fine, I'll stop having work done the day Charlie Sheen's tour sells out."


matisyahu: In BC shooting my last day of the movie dibbuk box. Bout to get into a new book, "The Psychoanalytic Mystic" by Michael Eigen.


alittlelamb: Fill it in. When I was young, I used to....?


WilliamShatner: Friends, I'll be in Melbourne tonight. Don't forget to submit your Twitter questions: MBB


bobsaget: Happy my mother's eye surgery went well. Just a patch over one eye. Wanted her to feel more comfortable so I put a parrot on her shoulder.

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