Israeli Singer Embraced in Tunisia

Palestinian TV says singer Bezalel gaining popularity in North African country 'on the backdrop of the recent developments in the Middle East'

By: YNET  
Published: April 2nd 2011
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Bezalel. Singing about coexistence

About two years ago, singer Bezalel released his song "Tunisia". The song with the oriental beat, which describes the story of Bezalel's parents who fled Tunisia to Israel in 1951, became quite popular in Western countries like Italy, Belgium, Holland and even in Puerto Rico.


But now he is receiving support from an unexpected direction: Palestinian television recently broadcast a story about Bezalel. Reporter Anas Abu Arkoub said the song "is being embraced in Tunisia, in light of the recent developments in the Middle East."


He also spoke of the singer, an Israeli Jew of Tunisian descent, without mentioning his name. "This song didn't come from Palestine, although it was shot in Jaffa," the reporter said. "He belongs to the Zionist movement backed by Israel. It's very rare for such a thing to happen in the Arab world."


The song "Tunisia" describes a meeting between an Arab man and Jewish woman.


"It's a call for coexistence with our brothers in the Arab world," the singer explains. "I was raised in a house which did not bear a grudge. I want to extend my hand in peace and maybe even cause history to stop repeating itself."


Below is the video of the Palestinian TV report:



This article first appeared on Ynet and is reprinted with permission.

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