Sleep in a Coffin, Win a Free Trip

How far would you go to win a free trip? Mirvish invites Toronto thrill-seekers to sleep in a coffin for one night.

Published: April 1st 2011
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Ghost Stories

What would it take to get you to sleep in a coffin for a night? Mirvish believes a pair of plane tickets will do it.


In a promotion for the North American premiere of Ghost Stories, Mirvish is seeking six brave souls who are willing to spend the night in a coffin. The participants will be selected randomly from all applicants that send their names and phone numbers to


Here’s how it works. Participants will be invited to attend the evening performance of Ghost Stories on April 9th 11pm. The six individuals will be placed in a wooden coffin (made from reclaimed material from actual caskets), with holes for proper ventilation. The coffins are then placed in isolated corners of the building. Oh no- that’s not the worst of it! The theatre is locked and left in complete darkness, except for a single ghost light on stage.


Mirvish will be putting infrared cameras inside each coffins to ensure the occupant can be viewed at all times.


The following morning (at 7am), the building is unlocked. The person who managed to survive the night inside their casket will win return airfare for two to anywhere Air Canada flies. If more than one person remains in their respective coffins, there will be a draw for the prize.


Ghost Stories, written by Jeremy Dyson, of the comedy team The League of Gentleman, and Andy Nyman, who starred in Death at a Funeral and Severance, has been on stage in London for over a year.


Ghost Stories has left even the most hardened of viewers gasping for breath and reaching for their coats to hide behind. Not for the faint-hearted or those of a nervous disposition, but perfect for anyone who wants an exhilarating night of entertainment,” the Mirvish release says.


The North American production features an all- Canadian cast, including Darrin Baker, Jason Blicker, Jack Langedijk, David Reale, Greg Gale, and Jonathan Purdon.


Ghost Stories begins April 1st at The Panasonic Theatre. For tickets or additional information, visit

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