AnyClip Heads to Hollywood

Israel's AnyClip has cut a dream deal with Universal Studios to bring favorite clips from the movie giant's enormous library to the Internet.

Published: April 1st 2011
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Israel's AnyClip can help you mind memorable moments in film.

The sexy spots in Last Tango in Paris; the scary moment when the shark in Jaws is about to chomp into the leg of victim number three; or the "Oh yeah" in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off -- there are so many classic moments from the movies we'd like to find, see again and share, and now the Israeli company AnyClip will help us do it.


Founded by a high-tech entrepreneur from Israel, AnyClip has developed a technology that can tag and trace elements in digital film, and with human editing can hand over bite-sized clips that can be replayed and relived over and over and over again.


Recapturing memories


AnyClip can help you find that memorable moment in the last film you and your first date saw together, or help you find exactly what the starlet wore in the final scene, so you can buy the same outfit.


The company was founded in 2008 and has already cut a dream deal with Universal Studios to splice and clip moments from Universal's library. According to the deal, AnyClip will cut up a large number of Universal movies into searchable clips, and can sign on distribution partners such as IMDB, Fandango and Hulu for the clips, which are expected to be embeddable on blogs and social media sites like Facebook.


Universal's Sam Nouri says that the deal is about bringing a new audience to the content. "AnyClip's unique ability to tag, provide custom keywords and allow searches within a full feature film is an extremely valuable asset. An authorized and licensed searchable database of movie moments has never existed before. The AnyClip platform creates a fundamental shift in the way we can promote, enhance and revitalize our catalog of content."


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This article first appeared on Israel21c and is reprinted with permission.

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