Truth is Definitely Stranger than Fiction!

Can you tell which stories are fact and which are fiction?

Published: April 1st 2011
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Can you tell which stories are fact and which are fiction?

The past 12 months has featured more than its share of bizarre news and entertainment stories ranging from Charlie Sheen’s breakdown to a Dior designer declaring his love for Hitler, to Palestinians claiming Israel is using rabbits as spies. What’s next? With the crazy meanderings of celebrities, world leaders being brought down by their oppressed citizens, and Sheen selling out a one-man show, is there anything left to mock? Well, we at Shalom Life certainly think so. So, in the interest of April Fools' Day, our crack staff has put together three new stories, two of which are fact, one fiction.


Can you, an intrepid and intelligent Shalom Life reader, tell the difference? Tell us which is fact and which is fiction in the comments below. It might not be as easy as you think!  


Happy April Fools' Day!




Capturing Terrorists with Mice


Egypt Claims Mossad is Behind Red Sea Shark Attacks


Flying Menace: Saudi Arabia Captures Israeli Flying Vulture

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