First EV Battery Swap Station Opens in Israel

Better Place on pace to make electric vehicles a viable alternative.

Published: March 31st 2011
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Better Place battery swap station

Better Place, the global provider of EV networks and infrustructure founded by CEO Shai Agasi, has offically opened in Israel its first battery swap station for electric vehicles (EVs).


These charging stations are currently only operational for owners of the Renault Fluence Z.E. but its a start and we can finally see the real, viable future of EVs.  While electric vehicles are gaining popularity, and some even look beauitful like those offered by Tesla, the caveat for many was being forced to charge at home.  Better Place is the first to offer a solution that meets the needs of the general population.


The station, which looks like a car wash, is controlled by the driver via an RFID card.  Once scanned, the driver will pull into the station and the process is automatic from there.  Robotics from below the car swap out the battery and replace it with a fully charged battery while the driver waits a few minutes.  While the price is still unknown, mile-for-mile it is expected to be pennies on the dollar compared to gas prices.


Below is the video of the battery swap station in action.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments:


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