Google Fights Back With +1

Google goes head-to-head with Facebook's "Like" button with their own sharing button.

Published: March 30th 2011
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Googles new sharing feature +1

This war of internet giants will not be one sided.


After Facebook stepped into Google’s territory with their own email service, Google has retaliated with a new feature called “+1” which is very similar to the Facebook “Like” button but is directly built into the search engine results.


And much like Facebook’s “Like” button, the +1 button will go beyond just Google’s search engine and will be available for all sites to utilize. So users will be able to +1 a search result, google advertising, and any pages such as Shalom Life articles.


Once clicked, that link will be associated with the user’s Google Profile, which is required to use this feature.


While Facebook does have a head start with its “Like” button currently being placed on over 2 million sites, you can expect Google to play catch up very quickly because unlike Facebook’s feature, Google’s will actually affect the search engine rankings, which is a huge differential for websites.


This feature is likely Google’s biggest social feature to date. The ramifications of being able to affect the search engine rankings should not be overlooked, and instantaneously make this more valuable than Facebook’s and Twitter’s similar offerings.


Users who are interested in opting into the +1 feature before it goes public can do so starting later today by visiting the Google Labs page.


Below is a video explaining +1 in more detail:


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