Google Celebrates Houdini's Birthday

Google's search engine doodle features famous escape artist

Published: March 24th 2011
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Houdini features on Google search engine

March 24th marks Harry Houdini’s 137th Birthday and Google celebrated it by featuring a drawing of Houdini on their search page.


Houdini was born in Budapest, Hungary on March 24th, 1874. Born as Erik Weisz, he changed his stage name to Harry Houdini and became one of the most famous magicians and escapologists of all time.


Houdini was born to Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weiss and his wife, Cecelia. He began his magic career in 1891 and soon began experimenting with escape acts, which led him becoming widely known as “The Handcuff King”. Houdini would tour European cities and challenge local police to restrain him with shackles and lock him in their jails.


In 1912, Houdini introduces perhaps his most famous act, the Chinese Water Torture Cell, in which he was suspended upside-down in a locked glass-and steel cabinet which fills with water. The act required Houdini to hold his breath for more than three minutes.


Houdini died on October 31st, 1926 at the age of 52 of peritonitis from a ruptured appendix.


Houdini joins other famous figures who have had their birthdays celebrated by Google doodles such as Andy Warhol, Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson and Leonardo da Vinci.

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