John Galliano Announced as Shalom Life's New Fashion Editor

Galliano accepts new gig at Shalom Life

Published: March 21st 2011
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Our new editor

John Galliano, the disgraced former head designer of Dior who was fired from the fashion house after being caught on camera making references to the Holocaust and declaring his love for Hitler at a Paris bar, has found a new home.


That’s right, Galliano, who was caught on video saying “I love Hitler” and who was also accused of verbally assaulting a couple in the same bar, has been hired as Shalom Life’s new Fashion Editor.


Galliano, who, up to the time of his regrettable comments and actions, was one of the most influential fashion designers of our time. Born in Gibraltar, he grew up in London and launched his own label before becoming chief designer of France's haute couture flagship, Christian Dior, in Paris.


Today, the 50-year-old, suddenly in need of work and desperate to prove to the world that he not an anti-Semite, jumped at the opportunity to work for Shalom Life, saying that this, once and for all, should “quell these nasty rumours about me hating Jews and loving Hitler.”


Galliano will remain in Paris and will be filing his stories on a bi-weekly basis, concentrating on fashion and lifestyle issues, predominantly, but not exclusively, Jewish celebrities.


“I’ve always thought Jewish women were gorgeous; take Natalie Portman for example,” Galliano said in a statement released this week. “Jewish men and women dominate Hollywood, as actors and actresses, or behind the camera as producers, writers, and such, and I appreciate Shalom Life for giving me this generous opportunity to show the world that I love Jewish people, whether it’s Portman, Ben Stiller, Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Spielberg, or Charlie Sheen. I am sorry if my comments made people uneasy, but an anti-Semite, I’m not.”


When reached for comment about what promises to be considered a controversial hiring, especially in the Jewish media, Shalom Life’s Culture Editor, Lisa Goldman, was quick to respond.


“Look, Galliano has shown true remorse for his comments, and, to be honest with you, he’s a talented designer with a lot to offer our readers,” said Goldman. “We are on a month-to-month contract with John and, if he proves to dispel his anti-Semite label and proves to be the kind of addition to Shalom Life we hope he will be, then it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”


By the way, if you hadn't already figured it out, this is a PURIM SHPIEL! Happy Purim to all!



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