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Facebook CEO not too happy about the Zuckerberg action figure.

Published: March 19th 2011
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The limited-edition Zuckerberg doll

Superman and Batman have one, so why shouldn't Mark Zuckerberg? Facebook's creator and CEO is so popular that MIC, the company responsible for creating the Steve Jobs action figure back in November, recently made one of Zuckerberg. The bad news? Zuckerberg's not too happy about the wee figure -- Facebook didn't give MIC permission to the use of their copyrights and trademarks.


Still, the Mini-Zuckerberg is pretty funny. He dons his signature hoodie, jeans and Adidas sandals. The world’s youngest billionaire has been receiving tons of attention over the last six months due to the popularity of The Social Network, the story about the creation of Facebook (based on the book The Accidental Millionaires), which premiered last October to rave reviews. The film won three Oscars, including Best Writing and Best Achievement in Editing. 


Word is that Zuckerberg wasn’t too happy with the movie at first but eventually warmed up to the award-winning film. He even poked fun at himself on Saturday Night Live, making a cameo alongside Jesse Eisenberg (who portrayed Zuckerberg in The Social Network) and funny-man Andy Samberg. 


If you got your hands on one of these limited action figures, it might be worth something one day. MIC has discontinued the doll.

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