Is American Idol's Casey Abrams Too Risky?

He's safe for another week so the risks are paying off.

Published: March 18th 2011
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Casey Abrams

This year’s talent pool of American Idol contestants are arguably more talented as wannabe idols of seasons past, but there are already a handful of contestants who are clear frontrunners, and leading the pack is Casey Abrams.


Week after week Abrams has taken the biggest risks of all contestants with his choice of songs and performances. This week he chose Nirvana’s massive 1990’s hit “Smells like Teen Spirit,” the first time Nirvana has been performed on Idol's stage. Not only was this pick Abrams’ most well-known song choice to date, it was also his riskiest.


There is a reason Abrams has more fans this year than any other idol contestant: his voice is fresh and he makes every song and performance his own. But making such high-profile, well-known songs “your own” is the riskiest gamble of all on the hugely popular show, especially when singers veer too far from the original version.


What’s the downside of taking these risks? None really. American Idol is not the ideal platform for Abrams, and, it can be argued that if he wins the contest, it might be counterproductive to helping him become the artist he could.


Jimmy Lovine of Interscope and Tricky Stewart both said that Abrams is on a whole other level musically than the other contestants. At this point in the game he’s received enough national exposure that if America boots him off next week and the judges don't use their only "save" on him, he will still have every opportunity to succeed, and sadly, that would probably be the best for him and his talent.


So let’s hope that next Wednesday night Abrams takes more big risks so we can enjoy him for the artist he truly is.


Here is the video of Casey Abrams performing Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” from this week's American Idol:




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