Facebook Page Calls For a Third Intifada

Even after thousands report the page as "hateful", it remains up and continues to grow.

Published: March 15th 2011
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Facebook page calling for third intifada

Will the third intifada come from Facebook? Recent developments in the Middle East have showen how individuals and groups can harness social media’s power to ignite protests. Now, a Facebook page that has already gotten nearly 180,000 ‘Likes’ in one week alone, is calling for the third coming of a violent Palestinian uprising. 


It appears that either Palestinians or a different group with intentions to fuel up the region (the organizers refused to reveal their identity or location), have decided to use the viral power of the social network just like the organizers behind the popular uprising in the other Arab states.


They believe that after the “popular intifadas” which have brought down the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, and are currently trying to in Libya, it is now the time for another intifada to take place. According to the Facebook page, which is rapidly growing in members, the next intifada is scheduled to launch on May 15th, the Palestinian Nakaba Day- the annual day of commemoration for the Palestinians of the anniversary of the creation of Israel.


The group is calling for both peaceful and violent means. They have asked all members to protest peacefully by writing ‘Free Palestine’ on all the Israeli currency bills, thus sending a message to Netanyahu. The group also calls neighboring countries like Syria, Egypt and Jordan to hold demonstrations on their border with Israel.


However, much worse than the above is the calls for all Palestinians in the West Bank to attack Israeli settlements and from north-bordering Hezbollah to launch rockets at Israel.


The popularity of the page has been growing exponentially in the last few days, with an additional 25,000 new-comers per day on average. As of today, the group has 176,768 supporters and according to the organizers the goal is to reach a million.


While hate filled pages are suppose to be taken down by Facebook, so far the page keeps growing with no interference, with an English written threat across an entirely Arabic written page that says: "If Facebook blocked this page.. All Muslims will boycott Facebook forever!".


As a result, thousands of Facebook users offended by the group have reported it as a page which “contains hate speech or attacks an individual”, but so far Facebook did not step up and has done nothing in spite of the group’s inciting and hateful statements, which raised many eyebrows in Israel.


In addition, many groups which are against the “Third Palestinian Intifada” page have popped up, some of whom’s members consist of significant numbers and in the last few hours an unknown source has flooded the page with posts containing the flag of Israel.


A Fatah official has told the Israeli news portal Ynet, that the situation is under control and there is no way that there will be another intifada: "the situation in the West Bank is different than that in Egypt; if there isn't a political order to begin an intifada, there won't be an intifada," he claimed. However, we all remember that the Egyptians believed the same at the time.


The first Intifada began on December 9, 1987 where 164 Israelis were killed. The second Intifada launched thirteen years later, in late September 2000 and among its casualties were 1100 Israelis.

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