Libyan Freedom Group to Call for Creation of Adrian Pelt Commission

Commission to oversee transition from dictatorship to democracy.

Published: March 14th 2011
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Mr. Adrian Pelt (center) with Mr. David Vaughan (left), Acting Secretary-General for UN Department of Conference and General Services, and Mr. Thomas Power (right), Principal Secretary to Libya Commission. Picture was taken in the latters office immediately prior to Mr. Pelts departure for Libya.

Despite the ongoing situation in Libya, governments around the world continue to turn a blind eye.


Western governments have all but deserted the Libyans, leaving them to fight Gaddafi’s army and mercenaries. What they, and much of the world fails to understand, is that these revolutionaries will never simply surrender. That is not how they are programmed. They will either prevail, by gaining freedom and democracy, or die.


Later today, The Libyan Freedom and Democracy Campaign, a revolutionary group closely involved in the battle for Libya’s soverignty will formally call for the creation of the Adrian Pelt Commission by the United Nations (UN) to oversee the transition from dictatorship to democracy in this besieged nation.


In November,1949, the UN General Assembly called for the creation of an independent Libyan state by January 1952. Adrian Pelt, a Dutch diplomat and the UN Commissioner to Libya from1949 to 1951, was tasked with drawing up a constitution and establishing a state independent of British and French control. Through his efforts, the creation and proclamation of the Libyan constitution was made on October 7th, 1951, The United Kingdom and Libya declared its independence on December 24th, 1951.


Reliable sources have also informed Shalom Life that more than 50 cars crossed into Tunis this afternoon, carrying what is believed to be senior members of the Gaddafi family.

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