Davening Causes Alaska Airline Lockdown

Confused flight attendants thought tefillin were a security threat

Published: March 14th 2011
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Alaska Airline aircraft

Mexican men praying using teffilin scared flight attendants who were so bewildered by the religious ritual that they locked down the cockpit on an Alaskan Airline flight from Mexico City to Los Angeles Sunday morning.


The attendants reported that three men were acting “rowdy” and fighting. The FBI, police, custom agents and even fire trucks met the men when the plane landed in LAX around 8:30 am and took them for questioning before releasing them to their connecting flights, reports the New York Daily News.


"Shortly after takeoff, a flight attendant saw what she believed was unusual behavior from three passengers on board," said airline spokesperson Bobbie Egan said in a statement, reports AP.


Passengers on the plane thought the men might be using wires, reports the L.A Times, but the men were just performing their usual morning prayers which include wrapping leather straps around their arms, and tying small boxes containing scripture to their heads.


They were not charged or arrested.

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