India Arie Announces Major Collaboration with Idan Raichel

The Grammy-winner's new album will feature songs in English and Hebrew.

Published: March 13th 2011
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Idan Raichel

Grammy Award-winning singer India Arie has announced that her latest album, Open Door, will feature songs in both English and Hebrew, according to the Associated Press. The CD was made in collaboration with Israeli singer and composer Idan Raichel. 


The album is expected to hit stores this summer, but it isn’t the first time the American singer and the Israeli composer have worked together; last year, the duo performed together at the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony in Oslo. 


The Idan Raichel project  fuses African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin sounds with unique production techniques. The project burst onto the scene in 2002 and Raichel has since released a number of albums. He’s toured around the globe; back in 2009, he performed in Toronto at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Raichel recently collaborated with Israeli singer Aviv Gefen on a new track. 


Arie released her first album back in 2001. The singer followed up Acoustic Soul with 2002’s platinum selling Voyage. She also released an album in 2006 called Testimony: Vol.1, Love & Relationships


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