Liberal Party Throws Its Support Behind Israel

Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada gives impassioned speech at CJPAC ACTION party.

Published: March 12th 2011
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Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff

While everyone has heard about the stirring speech given by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at CJPAC’s Action party, held at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music on Thursday, March 10th, he was not the only impressive speaker at the event.


Mr. Michael Ignatieff, Leader of Opposition and the Liberal Party of Canada, calling the event “the party of the year,” gave his own impassioned address.


The perception in Canada by many is that the only pro-Jewish, pro-Israeli party are the Conservatives, however, as Ignatieff strongly states in the video, "for more than 60 years my party been deeply proud of its association with and its support for the state of Israel and for the Jewish people."


Below is the full video of the speech given by Michael Ignatieff on March 10th, 2011: 




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