The Future of Israeli Medical Centres

Israel prepares its hospitals for war time scenarios.

Published: March 11th 2011
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Ichilov medical centre

The mad Middle-East


Only in this unstable part of the world would medical centres be targeted by its enemies. But with only hatred as their motivation, an increasing number of civilian targets in large Israeli cities have become just that – targets. Today, it’s estimated that more than 40,000 missiles – some with conventional warheads others with lethal nerve gas, are aimed at Israel.


Hospital under attack


During the second Lebanon War, Haifa was attacked by Hezbollah missiles with Rambam compound, the largest hospital and medical centre in Northern Israel, hit often. While Rambam’s courageous doctors scrambled to save lives, their own lives were in jeopardy. The conclusion was obvious, Israel needed to better protect its medical centres and medical professionals.


The "Ichilov" medical centre


"Ichilov" compound is a large hospital and medical centre in the heart of Tel-Aviv. Over one million people in the greater Tel-Aviv area rely on Ichilov's effective and immediate medical services.


With the likelihood of Tel-Aviv being a target in the future, a new, special, building within the "Ichilov’s" walls was recently inaugurated. Unlike other buildings in the compound, this thirteen storey glass-covered building looks like any other hospital building, with one huge exception, it is anything but “normal”. With an additional four underground floors with the capacity to treat between 700 to 1,000 patients, reinforced walls thick enough to absorb explosions, and with special air filters that can even withstand chemical and biological attacs, the Ichilov is the prototype of the new generation of Israeli medical centres destined for the future.

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