Victim of Galliano's Racial Slurs Defends Designer

Philippe Virgitti wants Galliano re-hired because he's not really an anti-Semite.

Published: March 11th 2011
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John Galliano

Philippe Virgitti, the man who complained to police about Galliano’s February 24 drunken racist and anti-Semitic rant against him and his Jewish friend, Geraldine Bloch said on Thursday that the former chief fashion designer for Christian Dior should get re-hired.


Virgitti says he doesn’t believe Galliano is an anti-Semite even thjough he made anti-Semitic remarks, because he was provoked and drunk.


"I am convinced that his words overtook his mind. I do not believe he is racist or anti-Semitic,” Virgitti is quoted as saying by AFP.


Galliano was fired six days after Virgitti complained because The Sun aired a video showing Galliano drunk last year in the same Parisian café hurling anti-Semitic insults at a non-Jewish Italian woman.


Galliano denies last month’s incident and lodged a complaint against Virgitti and Block for assault and verbal abuse, reports The Australian.


Virgitti is not withdrawing his complaint against Galliano, especially in light of the counter-complaint. It is illegal to any anything anti-Semitic in France and is punishable for up to six months in prison and around a $30,000 fine.


Virgitti was unaware of who Galliano was when he sat down beside him at the bar but now wishes he could just go back to making dresses.


“For me, it was a simple dispute at a bar” Virgitti said, “John Galliano doesn't deserve this. I don't want him destroyed like that"

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