Roseanne's neighbours kill her goats for being Jewish

Roseanne has issued a restraining order against her Hawaiian neighbours who she believes murdered two of her goats.

Published: March 10th 2011
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Roseanne Barr, the macadamia nut farmer

Comedian Roseanne Barr has applied for a restraining order against her neighbours because she believes they killed two of her goats.


Roseanne appeared on Oprah last month to discuss her career and the new macadamia nut farm in Hawaii that she now calls home. In fact, she mentioned that farm life made her blissfully happy and added that her life away from Los Angeles was drama-free… Until now.


Her neighbours, Richard and Roree Oehlman, have been harassing her. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, they are said to have told Barr they “don’t want any Kaballah studying (Jewish) people here on the Big Island”.


Roseanne has asked the local courts to grant her a legal order that will prevent the Oehlmans from contacting her or entering her estate.


The alleged goat slayings have made Roseanne an angry woman. Earlier this week, Barr published a rant on her blog defending Charlie Sheen. She made many jabs at his Two and a Half Men boss (and former Roseanne series writer), Chuck Lorre.


“I never really worked with [Lorre], as he was mostly drunk when he was on my show,” Barr said.


“I feel sorry for Charlie Sheen, and (Brett [Butler] and Cybil [Shepherd], both of whom were often out in the parking lot screaming at Chuck and crying) who has to not only be the bi-polar wizard Charlie Sheen, but had to toil as a tool for Lorre Enterprises Inc.”


“Charlie, take a break dude. Go to Greece, Paris, China, look at great art and lay low.”

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