The Maccabeats Unveil "Purim Song"

YouTube sensation returns with another hit video.

Published: March 9th 2011
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The Maccabeats

YouTube sensation The Maccabeats, have returned to the spotlight again. The all-male a cappella group shot to fame with last year’s Chanukah-themed “Candlelight”, which garnered nearly 5 million views on Youtube.


“The last video exceeded our wildest expectations. We’re touring the country, we’ve been on radio and TV, but the most rewarding thing about this whole experience was being able to tell the Chanukah story to millions of people. Jews who haven’t lit a menorah for years went out and bought Chanukah candles, and non-Jews who may not have known the story were interested in learning more,” said Maccabeat Immanuel Shalev, of “Candlelight”.


On Tuesday, the group uploaded their latest offering “Purim Song”, set to the tune of Pink’s hit “Raise Your Glass”. The song tells the story of Purim, the upcoming holiday commemorating a time when Jews residing in Persia were miraculously saved from certain death. At press time, the video had over 137,000 views.


Formed in 2007, by a group of Yeshiva University students in New York City, the Maccabeats have performed throughout the U.S. including Madison Square Gardens.


“Strongly committed to the philosophy of Torah u-Madda, the integration of traditional and secular wisdom, the Maccabeats perform an eclectic array of Jewish, American, and Israeli songs. Their breakthrough piece, Lecha Dodi is the epitome of this synthesis, combining some of the most beloved words of Jewish liturgy with Leonard Cohen's meaningful and melodic Hallelujah,” states the group’s homepage.


Below is the new video from The Maccabeats titled "Purim Song"




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