Zuckerberg's New Puppy has a Facebook Page

Beast becomes more popular than Shalom Life in less than 24 hours.

Published: March 7th 2011
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Zuckerberg and Beast

Ok, so maybe Zuckerberg is not an A-hole. The Facebook CEO and founder has opened a Facebook Page, for his new puppy.


The newly launched page features pictures of Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, playing with their new puppy, Beast, a white fluffy and way too cute Puli. In less than 24 hours Beast has managed to eclipse Shalom Life’s Page by reaching over 9000 likes.  How can we get Zuckerberg to do our PR? 


Is this Facebook’s next PR move to try and rehabilitate Zuckerberg’s image following The Social Network, where his character was portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg as a condescending and angry person? Possibly. After all, his appearance on Saturday Night Live was seen as a massive PR stunt and this could be a follow up.


But I would like to think that Zuckerberg and Chan just love puppies, and love to share pictures of them with the world. After all, people wouldn’t stoop so low as to use puppies for their PR, would they?

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