"Business Opportunities Lie in the Areas of Specialty"

David Rubin, former President of the CICC speaks to Shalom Life about bilateral trade, areas of opportunities and a possibility of a Canadian WikiLeaks.

Published: March 7th 2011
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David Rubin

Another part of Rubin’s interest is Reserve Army Intelligence. Rubin served as an officer in the Reserve Armed Forces Intelligence Branch for many years, and for 13 years had an appointment as an aide-de-camp to the Honourable W. Ross Macdonald, the Honourable Pauline M. McGibbon and the Honourable John B. Aird, Lieutenant-Governors of Ontario. He is presently Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of 2 Intelligence Company, a combat deployable Primary Reserve Unit in the Greater Toronto Area which has continuously provided Intelligence staff to Canadian forces in peacekeeping and combat missions such as Afganistan. He mentioned that the Canadian Forces increasingly use technology and equipment bought from Israel.


He noted that recently three Ontario Rabbis, one from Toronto – Rabbi Lazer Danzinger, joined the Chaplaincy Branch of the Canadian Forces, and to the best of Rubin’s knowledge became the first rabbis since the Second World War to do so. “The Branch has modified the CF uniform to permit them to wear a Magen David instead of a Cross on the lapels of their uniform with similar modification to the cap badge. It is very inspiring to see that things like that happen”. Rubin indicated that counterpart arrangements were also recently made for a Moslem CF Chaplain.


Canadian WikiLeaks


Rubin was Chair of the Board of the monthly The Intelligence Security Diary that was based on open source intelligence. “We gathered and summarized information from the published media and distributed it to our mailing list”. He commented on the Wikileaks chapter and that it could happen in Canada too. “Wikileaks means that released information may not be to our advantage, you lose a degree of secrecy, sure it can happen in Canada”.


He sees Canada’s intelligence threats being focused on terrorists acts and hopes that CSIS, the RCMP and other Canadian resources are constantly involved in anticipating these problems. “Same as everywhere, we are not exempt from it”, he noted.


Good advice for an Israeli company


Israeli companies that want to explore opportunities in Canada are advised to contact the Canadian Embassy and trade Consulate in Tel Aviv and the Israeli Trade Commissioner in Toronto or the Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce or the Israel Canada Chamber of Commerce. Between these referrals there is a bundel of information to support the search”.

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