Is Shakira Coming to Israel?

The famous Colombian-Lebanese singer might perform in Israel.

Published: March 6th 2011
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The Bieber effect? After Elton John, Rihanna, Metallica, Leonard Cohen and soon Justin Bieber- if there are no last minute changes, it looks like Shakira, the famous Colombian singer and musician, will be coming to Israel to give a show that will probably have people lining around the block.


It was once rumored that the Latin singer, who is of Lebanese descent, will never come to Israel, due to the Israeli-Lebanese conflict. However, according to Israel Ha’yom, a daily Israeli newspaper, several local producers had approached Shakira’s staff and laid their offers on the star’s table.


The producers behind the show are the ones behind the Elton John show in Ramat-Gan last year, as well as Leonard Cohen’s show and the upcoming performance of the most popular young singer in the world- Justin Bieber.


The date of the performance has not been set yet, but it has been said that it is not “too far”. So, if she does in fact come to Israel, it will probably be around the end of April or beginning of May, when she will finish her South-American tour and start her European tour.


The concert’s ticket price remains undisclosed at this point and will probably remain so as long as a sponsor for this event is not found.

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