Nobility and Commitment

The little known and unfortunate history of the Shalit family.

Published: March 6th 2011
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Yoel Shalit, Gilads uncle.
Invitation for Bar-Mitzvah of Noam and Yoel Shalit
Noam Shalit with photo of Yoel

Noam and Yoel's Bar-Mitzvah


In 1967, Israel celebrated its 19th year of independence. The small and tiny Jewish state had just finished burying the victims of the Six-Day War. The country was poor, had no financial resources and it needed every penny to rebuild itself from the damages of the war.


Yael and Zvi Shalit were just another regular Israeli family back then. Their two sons, Noam and Yoel had their Bar-Mitzvah celebrated on July 1st, 1967. The parents decided that instead of having a celebration for their twins, they will only read the Torah in a modest ceremony. Whatever money the family received was donated by Yael and Zvi Shalit to the Israeli defense system.


This selfless and dedicated family believed that it was more important to help the Israeli defense system than to celebrate their twins’ Bar-Mitzvah.


The cruel future


Six years after their modest Bar-Mitzvah, the twins were already soldiers in the IDF. Yoel Shalit, who was barely 19 years old, got killed in a fierce battle against Syrian forces in the Golan Heights.


Gilad Shalit was born 13 years after his uncle Yoel died. In the spirit and values of his family, Gilad Shalit joined the IDF in 2005. On June 25th, 2006 Gilad Shalit fell into the captivity of Hamas and for nearly five years since, has not seen the light of day.


Hope for the future


Batya Arad, Ron Arad's mother, left this world without ever seeing her son again. Until today, no one really knows what happened to Ron Arad. However, we do know that Gilad Shalit is alive and supposedly somewhere in Gaza and we do know that this wonderful family; Zvi who lost his son and Noam who lost his brother, should be given the opportunity to see their beloved grandson and son again, hug him and hold him in their arms. That's the least this family deserves after the commitment it has shown to Israel.

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