National Day of Unplugging

Time to break from digital communication, well, for 24 hours at least.

Published: March 4th 2011
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National Day of Unplugging

From sundown March 4th until sundown March 5th, “tech-tethered” individuals are encouraged to take a break from digital communication, by shutting off smartphones, laptops, tablets et al. Behold the impetus behind the 2nd annual “National Day of Unplugging”, an idea conceived by Reboot, a non-profit group of Jewish artists based in New York.


“People are overwhelmed by the relentless deluge of information in their lives,” said the group’s spokesperson, Tanya Schevitz.


Reboot created the event last year, as a means of promoting its Sabbath Manifesto. According to the group’s website, the manifesto “is a creative project designed to slowdown lives in an increasingly hectic world”. It consists of ten core principles that encourage people to reconnect with family, friends and the world around us. The principles are as follows: 1) Avoid technology, 2) Connect with loved ones, 3) Nurture your health, 4) Get outside, 5) Avoid commerce, 6) Light candles, 7) Drink wine, 8) Eat bread, 9) Find silence, and lastly but certainly not least, 10) Give back.


The group hopes that ultimately the National Day of Unplugging will inspire people to disconnect digital devices once a week, and “recapture the real interconnections between people”, Schevitz further stated.


For more information on the National Day of Unplugging, visit and

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