Netanyahu Might Draft Own Peace Plan, Before Internationals get to it First

Under international pressure for a bi-national state, Netanyahu is expected to produce his own U.S backed peace plan in the upcoming weeks.

Published: March 4th 2011
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

In the upcoming weeks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to produce a peace plan brokered by the U.S that will stave off the threat of a bi-national state, following the upheavals in the Arab world and international pressure.


“The prime minister has realized that the political impasse is not working in favor of Israel,” one of Netanyahu’s advisers is quoted saying by Haaretz. “Following a few weeks of revolution in the Arab world he is convinced that there are opportunities, not just threats, and that it is important to take advantage of the situation that was created in order to restart the peace process and put an end to the unilateral initiatives of the Palestinians.”


Recently, Netanyahu has been coming under heat from the EU, the U.N and Russia, who are meeting at the Diplomatic Quartet in Paris next week to discuss peace between Palestinians and Israelis. Haaretz reports they are working together to draft a plan for a Palestinian state based on pre-1967 border with some land swaps and possibly East Jerusalem as its capital.


Netanyahu stated in meetings this week that Israel divided into a bi-national state with East Jerusalem at its capital would be “disastrous for Israel,” reports Haaretz.


Therefore, he may be trying to draft his own peace plan with the U.S. Several top Israeli and American officials met last week and Haaretz’s sources say he has been talking to Obama’s administration about restarting peace talks.


“The prime minister wants to move ahead substantively but he wants to know that he has American backing,” one of Netanyahu’s advisers is quoted as saying by Haartez. “If the U.S. administration goes with him, he is willing to undertake compromises and take difficult steps.”

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