Assange Criticizes 'Jewish' Conspiracy Claim

The Guardian reporters 'behaved like gossiping schoolgirls'

Published: March 2nd 2011
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Julian Assange

Jewish conspiracies have become a very popular topic on Twitter, and now Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has slammed claims of his own ‘Jewish’ conspiracy run by the Guardian newspaper.


According to an article in the Private Eye, Assange believe that a group of Jewish Guardian journalists are attempting to deprive WikiLeaks of Jewish support.


The Guardian and WikiLeaks were working together to publish the US embassy cables before the paper decided to run a series of negative articles about WikiLeaks which were a part of the Jewish conspiracy claimed by Private Eye.


Private Eye then ran an article about the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief’s links with Israel Shamir, a Russian journalist who is regarded as an anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.


Assange then phoned the writer and editor of the Private Eye article, Ian Hislop, and said that he, “and Private Eye should be ashamed of ourselves for joining in the international conspiracy to smear WikiLeaks. The piece was an obvious attempt to deprive him and his organization of Jewish support and donations.”


“He went on to say that we were part of the conspiracy led by the Guardian which included journalist David Leigh, Alan Rusbridger and John Kampfner – all of whom ‘are Jewish.” said Hislop.


Hislop went on to correct him that Rusbridger is in fact, not Jewish. Assange responded: “Forget the Jewish thing.”


Assange then went on: “The reporters on the Guardian disappointed me…They failed my masculinity test…They behaved like gossiping schoolgirls.”


Assange responded to these claims on Twitter, saying: "Hislop has distorted, invented or misremembered almost every significant claim and phrase. In particular, 'Jewish conspiracy' is false, in spirit and in word. It is serious and upsetting.


"Rather than correct a smear, Mr. Hislop has tried to justify one smear with another."

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