Israel Behind African Mercenaries in Libya

This and other ridiculous rumors being spread by Al Jezeera and Twitter

Published: March 2nd 2011
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Twitter related chatter on mercenaries rumors

Al Jezeera has reported that an Israeli security firm, with the approval of the Israeli government, is responsible for sending groups of African mercenaries to Libya to fight those protesting against the Gaddafi regime.


According to speculation, in a meeting on February 18th, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defence Minister Barak and Foreign Minister Lieberman decided to let General Isarel Zef, the director of security firm Global CST, create a group of mercenaries from various African countries including Guinea, Nigeria, Central Africa, Mail, Senegal, Darfur and Southern Sudan available to Abdullah Assinousi, one of the heads of Libya’s intelligence agency.


Further speculations claim that the reasons Israel is helping Gaddafi range from strategic, security, oil, and money. They forgot to include a life time supply of Bazin.


These reported rumors opened the flood gates to a bevy of other ridiculous rumors which are now being spread through Twitter. Here is a sample of some tweets. 


People now believe that Israeli F-16s have landed in Libya and are bombing innocent civilians:



Israeli-Jewish trained African mercenaries hired by Gaddafi to kill protestors:



No rumors are complete without the Libya regime’s own theories:


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