Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter. Let the Crazy Begin

Sheen's twitter account gets more than 60,000 followers minutes after it opens.

Published: March 1st 2011
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Charlie Sheen

Are you ready for more Sheen craziness?  Earlier today Sheen joined Twitter, the messaging service used by people, and celebrities, to tweet their thoughts and opinions in 140-character or less.  


Minutes after the Twitter handle had been confirmed as offical, Sheen acquired more than 60,000 followers and a Klout score of 57 without having sent out one tweet.


Twitter now gives Sheen another outlet to get his rants out to the public, but without any sensors in between.  Now that Sheen's PR firm has dropped him, Sheen has no publicity filter to stop him from typing his every senseless thought to the world.  It's quite likely that Sheen's PR firm was the reason why he never used Twitter in the past as they were likely afraid of the consequences. 


In the past week Sheen has been on radio, mutiple televsion shows including the Today Show and Piers Morgan and covered by almost every newsite, blog and paper in the western world.  Sheen has quickly become this year's Mel Gibson, droping new batty quotes by the hour.


So what can we expect from Sheen's twitter account?  If he's continuing on the same path, then probably some diatribe against Alcoholics Anonymous, CBS and all who have wrong him.


We fully expect that Sheen's Twitter account will reach a million followers within days, so he can expect a sizable audience to listen to his lunacy.

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