Israeli Tank Crew's Lives Saved Today

The ASPRO system provides the perfect defense

Published: March 1st 2011
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Merkava MK IV

Under deadly fire


As opinioned yesterday, Hamas is on the path to starting another war. Earlier today they launched another anti-tank missile, however, this time Israel’s new tank defense system, ASPRO, prevented the missile from reaching its target.


The anti-tank missile was fired at an Israeli tank which was posted on the Israeli-Gaza strip border. Luckily, the Israeli tank was equipped with the ASPRO (Armored Shield PROrection) system. The ASPRO identified the launch and the missile approaching towards the tanks. In a fraction of a second it fired a counter missile that intercepted the Hamas missile and saved the lives of the Israeli tank members.


It was the first time that the ASPRO was tested in a real battle field. So far it had only been tested in controlled "lab" conditions, but managed to work perfectly in its first live scenario.


The ASPRO is also known as the "Wind Coat" system. It was developed by RAFAEL Military industry and will be installed in most Israeli tanks.


The Second Lebanon War lessons


During the Second Lebanon War, many of the Israeli Army casualties were armor warriors. Even though the "Merkava " (Chariot), specifically the "Merkava 4", is the most advanced tank in the world, it faced the most sophisticated Russian made anti-tank missiles that were delivered by Syria to the terrorist militia Hezbollah.


Hezbollah was supplied with a large amount of anti-tank missiles and unfortunately some of them caused the loss of life and severe damage to the tanks. After the war, Israeli intelligence estimated that it is only a matter of time before those missiles are at the hands of Hamas.


Best tank, best defense


A few months ago the ASPRO system was tested in a controlled "live" condition. The successful experiment put the Israeli military technology in the forefront of military technologies. If the Israeli Army will have to face Hezbollah, or any other enemy in the region, it will be much better prepared and protected due to systems like ASPRO. Today's results in Gaza are a proof positive.


The advantage of the system is that it is fully automatic, it gives the tank crew a sense of security and so they can focus on their battle tasks rather than on defense.


The perfect performance of the system is due to a combined effort of many companies in the Israeli military industry that once again invented a state of the art system. The estimated cost of the ASPRO is nearly $300,000 per tank.

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