Kinda, Sorta Hopes for Israel and Syria Peace Deal

Israel willing if Syria is, says Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. But what does Bibi think?

Published: February 28th 2011
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Ehud Barak

Ehud Barak, Israel’s Defense Minister, told Israel Radio on Monday that Syrian President Bashar Assad may be ready to consider a peace deal, reports Haaretz.


"I, as well as others in the defense system, believe negotiations with the Syrians are a positive step for the state of Israel, but of course we need a mutual agreement for such negotiations," Barak said last week, reports Haaretz.


This news come after Friday’s disclosure that U.S. Senator John Kerry, who is also chairperson of Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, has been working closely with Assad for months on reinvigorating peace talks with Israel.


According to Haaretz, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alledgedly opposes restarting negotions with Syria since he doesn’t think Assad is serious about peace.


Also in the radio interview, Barack assured that Israel will not be lax about its security no matter the negotion.

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