Jordan Pressures EU to Pressure Israel

Swedish and Portuguese officials flew to Jordan to discuss reinvigorating peace talks

Published: February 28th 2011
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The Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace signed in 1994

Jordan leaders met with EU ministers on Sunday asking them to persuade Israel to halt all “unilateral actions” that prevents making headway in peace talks, mostly referring to when the Palestinian Authority stopped talks in September after Israeli restarted building in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.


Sweden and Portugal’s foreign ministers flew to Jordan to meet with King Abdullah II, Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit and Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh to discuss the possibility of moving forward peace talks between Israel and Palestinians, reports Haaretz.


"Bakhit underscored the importance of the world community shouldering its ethical responsibility in putting pressure on the Israeli government to stop all unilateral actions that hinder peace efforts and lead to the loss of opportunities at this critical stage through which the region and the world are passing," a statement from the Jordanian prime minister's office said, reports Haaretz.


The recent popular uprisings in North Africa and the Arab world are the "critical stage" to which the statement is citing- they have not left Jordan untouched. Both the King and the Jordanian ministers promised the EU officials that they are undertaking reforms that will allow citizens to take a larger part in the decision- making process

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