Lone IDF Soldier Finds Home via Facebook

A lonely Canadian-Jewish soldier in Israel finds adoptive family online

Published: February 27th 2011
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How does a lone IDF soldier find an adoptive family? Facebook, of course. Turns out that the popular social network does more than just stir up the Arab world against dark regimes, as in the case of 20 years-old sergeant Daniel Shechter- who found a family in Israel using Facebook.


Shechter, now a combat soldier in the IDF’s prestigious paratroopers brigade, was born and raised in Canada. A couple of years ago he decided to make “Aliyah” to Israel on his own, in order to enlist for the Israeli Defence Forces, leaving his parents, his bigger brother and younger sister at home.


“When I enlisted as a lone soldier, the army helped me out with rent and I have rented a room in an apartment,” Shechter explains, “but every weekend, when I went home, I saw how much difficult it was: buying groceries, doing laundry and moreover- being alone,” he added.


As a result, Shechter came up with an initiative: “I wrote a status on my Facebook wall- ‘lone soldier looking for an adoptive family.’ I was hoping someone might respond to it.” 20 years-old Tali Aziza, was the one to respond to the unusual status. Turns out that Aziza, who is majoring in psychology, has also made “Aliyah” from Canada two years ago along with her family.


She was very touched by the soldier’s appeal and she quickly hit the “Like” button. A week later, Shechter was invited as a guest to the family’s home in Even-Yehuda, where he would soon become a household member.


“I came to visit them and met Tali’s parents- Michelle and Anita and both of her younger siblings. One weekend later, I already came along with my suitcase,” he said.


But aside from Shechter, the family members are also delighted to have him. “It is good for Daniel that he is with us, but it is also good for us and we thank Tali for responding for his request and inviting him to stay with us,” Anita (the mother) said.


“We have Benji, who is 18 and is about to get drafted for the army, so it is good for him to have such an example like Daniel, who can give him advice about the service” she explained. “We planned to come to Israel for one year, but we fell in love with it. It is a good place,” Anita told the press.

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