Jewish Author of Holocaust Books Dies Today

Czech journalist and author Arnost Lustiq succumbs to cancer at 84

Published: February 26th 2011
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Arnost Lustiq

Jewish journalist Arnost Lustig, who is most well-known for his fiction books about the Holocaust, died today from Cancer at 84-years-old, reports Reuters.


The author, born 1926 in Prague, survived concentration camps during World War Two. He was sent to Auschwitz and Buchenwald among others, but managed to escape in 1945 when an American warplane accidentally attacked the train he was on that was headed toward Dacha.


"He survived concentration camps, but did not survive an insidious disease with which he fought until the last moments. Then it overwhelmed him," Marketa Malisova, from the Franz Kafka Publishers, told Ceskenoviny.


When the war ended he studied journalism in Prague and reported on the War of Independence from Israel in 1948, reports Ceskenoviny.


Twenty years later he emigrated to Israel and at a later date, America. He returned regularly to Prague once communism ended in 1989.


Among other awards, he was nominated for the 2009 Man Booker International Prize.


His works include A Prayer For Katerina Horowitzowa, which was nominated for a National Book Award in 1974, Dita Saxova, Night and Hope, and Lovely Green Eyes.

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