Fox's Glen Beck: Reform Rabbis are "Almost Like Radicalized Islam"

Reform movement leaders angered by comparison

Published: February 24th 2011
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Glenn Back doing what Glenn Beck goes, looking crazy

Glenn Beck of Fox News has stated that Reform rabbis are “almost like radicalized Islam.”


Beck made the statement on his radio show on Tuesday, February 22 as part of a broader conversation stemming from a letter, signed almost exclusively by non-Orthodox rabbis, criticizing Beck for comparing his ideological foes to the Nazis.


“There are the Orthodox rabbis and there are the Reform rabbis,” Beck said. “Reformed rabbis are generally political in nature. It's almost like radicalized Islam in a way where it is just -- radicalized Islam is less about religion than it is about politics.”


Reform movement leaders were angered by the comparison.


“His description of the Reform movement ignores the fact that we're the largest segment of American Jewry,” said Rabbi David Saperstein, head of Reform Jewry’s Religious Action Centre, based in Washington. “It has been over the last 30 years the fastest growing liberal theological denomination in America. And that is true because of the richness of the religious, spiritual and faith fulfillment it offers a very diverse constituency that defines our movement. For him to denigrate, not just all the Reform rabbis, Reform Judaism, but the million and half members of our synagogues is deeply distasteful and offensive.”


While this is the latest incident involving Beck and the Jewish community, it is by no means the only one. Beck has been criticized for comparing liberals to Hitler and the Nazis.


The national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abe Foxman, quickly came forward to demand an apology from Beck.


“To compare Reform Judaism, which supports democratic institutions, to Islamic extremism, which supports anti-democratic movements and the repression of basic rights -- including, for example, the denial of women's rights -- is beyond the pale,” Foxman said. “Glenn Beck has no right to discount the faith of any people, and he should think twice before commenting on something he doesn't know much about. He owes the Reform movement an apology.”

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