Hollywood's Sexiest Jewish Men-You Voted!

Zac Efron is no longer Hollywood's hottest Jew. You voted for his replacement. Here are the results.

Published: February 23rd 2011
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Daniel Radcliffe in Equus
127 Hours star James Franco
Joseph Gordon Levitt in the new Batman

Last week, it was confirmed that Hollywood's hottest Jew, Zac Efron, was not in fact Jewish at all.


We asked you to suggest his replacement, and we got hundreds of responses. Although Albert Brooks was suggested, we decided to pass him over this time around.


Here's your list (in no particular order):


1. Andrew Garfield


This sexy Brit is our new Spiderman. He got recognition for his role in this year's Oscar nominated The Social Network. Now that he's landed on American soil, don't be surprised if we see a lot more of him.


2. Logan Lerman


aka Percy Jackson (and the Olympians) may only 19, but he's no stranger to the big screen. Having starred in big blockbusters such as 3:10 to Yuma, Gamer, and The Butterfly Effect, we've had the opportunity to watch him grow into the chiseled jaw man he is today. Watch out for him this year in Hollywood's new version of The Three Musketeers.


3. Drake


Who could forget this gorgeous Toronto boy that got his claim to fame from Degrassi: The Next Generation? Now an international rapping sensation, Drake (Aubrey Graham) has won the hearts of little girls all over the world.


4. Adrien Brody


He may not be conventionally attractive, but the combination of his raw talent and tanned olive skin, lands him a much-deserved spot on this list. His film roles have run the gamut from Roman Polanski's The Pianist to Peter Jackson's revival of King Kong. In 2011, he is set to star in 5 films.


5. James Franco


With 7 movies on the go, you can't deny Franco's rising fame (and sex appeal). He broke into film playing the lead role in James Dean- I think that about says it all. Watch him this weekend co-hosting The Academy Awards.


6. Shia LaBeouf


This Tranformers and Wall Street 2 star began his career doing stand up comedy in coffee houses around L.A. Well, there's nothing funny about his gorgeous eyes and inviting smile.


7. Daniel Radcliffe


Although most of us are still in denial that Harry Potter has grown up, you can't deny that this once adorable kid has become quite a looker. After his controversial role in Equus on Broadway, Radcliffe reminded the world that 10 years have passed since Harry Potter's debut and he's much more versatile than expected.


8. Andy Samberg


SNL funnyman Samberg is the ultimate package- cute, hilarious, and laid back. This California boy might hide behind his glasses and curly hair, but might I remind you how buff he looked in I Love You Man?


9. Joseph Gordon Levitt


This rugged actor should be commended for his remarkable transition from child to adult actor. Wasn't it just yesterday that he played awkward teen virgin, Tommy, on 3rd Rock From The Sun? He currently stars in Oscar-nominated Inception and can be seen in the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.


10. Adam Brody


This O.C heartthrob was sweet in a high school bad-boy sort of way 5 years ago, but has since grown into a charming young man. Brody can be seen in the upcoming summer blockbuster Scream 4 as Detective Hoss.

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