Is Apple Releasing the iPad 2 on March 2nd?

Apple to hold event on March 2nd in San Francisco for big announcement

Published: February 22nd 2011
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Will the iPad 2 be announced on March 2nd?

On March 2nd Apple will be hosting an event in San Francisco to announce something. As per Apple's standard protocol, what that "something" is will only be unveiled at the event, but rumors are that it's the iPad 2.


All Things D, a technology website, wrote earlier today that "multiple sources" say that the iPad 2 will be unveiled and demoed at the event. Whether it's a same day release scenario is still unknown, but at the very least Apple wants to take some of the publicity away from the Motorola Xoom and remind people that they were responsible for making the tablet format popular and that the next version of the hugely successful iPad will include everything the original was missing, well almost everything.


As we mentioned in a previous article, what the iPad 2 will include is still unknown. But common sense says that the new iPad will include a front and rear facing cameras for video chat and picture/video capture, a dual-core processor, at least 512 RAM, gyroscope, Retina Display, and will likely be lighter and slimmer too. Many blogs have also hinted at an SD card slot, although we don't believe the hype.  What it won't include is Flash support.  Pretty obvious.


All the upgrades mentioned make sense since they are what the current iPhone 4 has, except for the dual-core processor which is rumored to be included in the iPhone 5. Regardless, Apple will need at the very minimum what is rumored above to compete with the new Android tablets such as the Xoom which will be launching on Thursday with already higher specs then what is mentioned here.


It will be exciting to see what will happen and if Apple really has some magic up its sleeve. With Steve Jobs having taken a leave of absence due to health, this event will be extra important for Apple to demonstrate its place as market leader and innovator.

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