Israel Appoints First Openly Gay Judge

Dori Spivak names as a Tel Aviv Labor Court Judge

Published: February 22nd 2011
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Dori Spivak

Dori Spivak, an attorney and former chairman of the Association for Civil Rights Israel (ACRI) has been named a Tel Aviv Labor Court judge. His appointment marks the first openly gay judge in Israel.


Spivak, a Harvard graduate, lectures at Tel Aviv University’s law department. He has also been involved in several high profile gay rights cases, and is a legal advisor to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community.


Spivak’s appointment has been met with much praise throughout the country.


"As a personal friend and a partner in the civil rights struggle I can say this is an excellent choice. Dori is an expert on equality at work and health rights. He will contribute to developing human rights at the work place," said Dan Yakir, an attorney for the ACRI.


"He is an experienced legalist when it comes to human rights and labor laws," stated Professor Eyal Gross, a colleague of Spivak’s from Tel Aviv University said.


Although Spivak himself has not commented on the appointment, his partner and colleague at the university, Dr. Yishai Blank, lauded the decision.


"I don't think sexual preferences had anything to do with this appointment. It's a happy occasion for us personally and also for the State. I'm not objective, of course, but I believe he is deserving in light of his skills, capabilities and his commitment to justice and the law,” Blank said.


There is no word yet, as to when Spivak’s appointment will commence.

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