EasyJet Apologizes for Serving Only Pork on Route to Israel

No Kosher options available on London-Tel Aviv flight like promised

Published: February 22nd 2011
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EasyJet Aircraft

Britain’s low-cost airline easyJet aplogized today for offering only pork choices to passengers while flying four-and-a-half hours from Tel Aviv to London.


Fox News reports that EasyJet promised that all food served would have a Kosher option when they began flying to Israel in November. Last weekend, the meal options were ham melts and bacon baguettes.


"It was a little insensitive. I think they need a lesson or two on cultural awareness if they expand their routes into the Middle East. It is not just Jewish passengers who do not eat pork but Muslim ones, too. I couldn't eat anything," passenger Victor Kaufman told Fox News.


EasyJet aplogized to customers and said that it was a mistake and that the wrong food canisters were loaded.

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