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Published: February 21st 2011
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Jewish Tweets

Drake has kind words for Esperanza Spalding, Sarah Silverman gets a shout-out from the Stillers, Joan Rivers has learned something, Jason Alexander sums up the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, Jessi Cruickshank wants to find a way to see Justin Bieber: Never Say Never without looking like a creep and Glee's Lea Michele meets Barbra Streisand.


@Drakkardnoir: Anthony Hamilton and Henny and Cranberry...feeling like a winner no matter what...Mazel Tov Esperanza :)


@SarahKSilverman: for @stillerandmeara deliciousness -


@Joan_Rivers: Age has taught me a valuable lesson, which I’ll pass on to you: Speak up whenever you’re paying for something and just get it done!


@IJasonAlexander: To sum up NBA celeb game -- I. I didn't play cuz I didn't want to embarrass Scotty Pippen. I own the 3 point (cont)


@JESSIMTV: Redheaded adult seeks small child to accompany her to the Justin Bieber movie. Just to make her seem less creepy.


@Msleamichele: As if this night at the Grammys wasn't amazing enough...waiting at the valet... Mrs Barbra Streisand came up to me. I can barely breath...


@Msleamichele: She was so wonderful, kind and beyond nice. I can't believe I just met my idol. I feel so blessed and thankful right now...

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