Google Tool Shows the French are 'Jewish-curious'

The word "Jewish" linked very closely to searches about political figures

Published: February 20th 2011
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Results on French Google page for Francois Fillon

A Google search tool known as “Autocomplete” has discovered that the French have a curious obsession about whether their politicians are Jewish.


“Autocomplete” is the recently launched Google tool that is meant to save surfers time by suggesting often searched words as surfers start typing. For example, start typing “home” and suggestions like “home depot” and “home hardware” show up below the search bar.


Now go to, the French version of the search giant, and type in a politician’s name such as France’s Prime Minister Francois Fillon, and the below common terms like “wiki” and “Wikipedia” the fourth term is “juif” (Jewish).


Same results if you look for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund who many believe will make a run at the French Presidency, currently occupied by Nicolas Sarkozy, who coincidently, is also linked to the “Jewish” search result term, as are many of his current cabinet.


The French newspaper, Le Monde, compared search results on various other countries’ websites and reveled that politicians and Jewish are linked much more commonly in the French version of Google than any other countries.


“The auto-completion technology used by Google could in theory reveal the mentality of the country where these propositions originate,” said Oliver Ertzscheid, an internet specialist at Nantes University in France.


“It is not by chance if the word ‘Jewish’ appears linked to more search queries in France than elsewhere. It goes back to something in the history of the country in question.” Ertzscheid told AFP.


Stephane Foucart, author of the report for Le Monde, believes that his findings reflected “a subtle and latent form of anti-Semitism, which seems only to manifest itself when face to face with a computer.”


On the other hand, Jean-Yves Camus, a Jewish political scientist specializing in anti-Semitism, told AFP that he sees the results differently.


“It is totally normal that the phenomenon is more widespread in France, because there are more Jews, and because there are more Jewish personalities in political life” than most European countries.


“The problem is that what you find on the internet is often rumour and exaggeration.” he continued.


Google is not the only search engine in France with these curious results. Yahoo! is also displaying very similar results.

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