Exclusive Interview with Organization Behind Libya's Revolution

Shalom Life speaks to Libya Freedom & Democracy Campaign about the revolution and what changes we can expect in Libya

Published: February 20th 2011
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Libyans protesting the Gaddafi regime


LFDC: It depends on how will they maneuver the near future with us regarding the retrieval of our disbursed and looted wealth and bring criminal figures of the regime to justice. If you look at footage and pictures of these revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt or Libya, not one person is burning the flags of America, Israel or Britain. These are our own internal revolutions due to the collective national injustice that ordinary people were carrying at grass root level.  


As a matter of fact, the US government interaction with the new Libyan government will dictate our mutual future. This is a historical moment; we have a clean fresh slate to establish new forms of relationships and friendships based on more transparency, more accountability, more rule of law and genuine democracy. What our people aspire they will have. Unconfirmed fresh reports coming out now that Gaddafi has fled Libya to Venezuela and fierce  fighting broke out between his sons. The regime is expected to officially fall in few hours.  


SL: Thank you very much for this opportunity.

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