Exclusive Interview with Organization Behind Libya's Revolution

Shalom Life speaks to Libya Freedom & Democracy Campaign about the revolution and what changes we can expect in Libya

Published: February 20th 2011
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Libyans protesting the Gaddafi regime

LFDC: Libya has closed the internet in Cyrenaica but it’s still functioning in Tripolitania due to the need for use by state organs and others.  Heavy traffic on telecommunication lines makes it very hard to get through but that is not the only means of communications, Libyans have improvised other ingenious ways.  


Libya has barred any journalists either locals or foreigners, from reporting and no cameras are allowed. Most of the photos we are getting are sent by private citizens using their mobile phones.  


SL: What is happening in Libya right now?  


LFDC: What Mohamed Bouaziz (the protester who started the revolution in Tunisia) did actually, has destroyed the barrier of fear in us.  What happened in Tunisia we can now see happening in Libya at a much more exponential rate of change. Libya is collapsing from outward-inward, imploding. Regime has been using live bullets from day one, instead of water cannon, rubber bullets and tear gas like our neighbors with their protestors.    


They have hired mercenary army and foreign warriors from African countries, North Korea, Tunis and Egypt. The airplanes that brought them were chartered Novel air from Tunis as reported from reliable sources.   


There are invoices and receipts of swift transactions of huge funds made by the collapsing regime towards the recent acquisition and replenishment of their ammunitions stock and armaments being bought from European countries. We will hold these governments criminally responsible soon.  


The Libyan people have chosen a path where there is no u-turn. I can assure you that Libya will be liberated imminently, and the blood of Libyan people that has been spilled will not be in vain.    


Many seniors in the government and army officers are very upset and against the regime. Most of them have switched sides. Mercenaries are clearly shooting at the head, neck and chest which means bluntly they want to kill the protesters. And these protesters are peaceful and unarmed.


SL: Once Libya is liberated, what do the people want to see happen?  


LFDC: The starting point will be to go back to the 1st of September, 1969 when the constitution was suspended. Our old constitution is the starting point. Of course, it will require certain minor amendments and changes.    


Unlike Egypt and Tunisia, where the current governments have direct links to the old regimes, Libya will have zero linkage to the past government. In Egypt, Mr Tantaoui head of the Army is running the country. In Tunis, Al Ghanoushi, the same PM during Ben Ali. In Libya this will not be the case. The new government will be completely fresh.  


The people in Libya feel they have earned their victory by their own hands. Our liberation is without foreign help not even by words of support. Not one influential political leader anywhere in the world has stood by the side of the Libyan people. This has given us more confidence, self pride and determination to succeed. That in itself is a very important point of distinction from our neighbors.   


SL: Turkey has gone from being secular to radical. Tunisia and Egypt are being projected to go the same path, especially with the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. What do you think will happen in Libya?  


LFDC: Radical Islam has no place in the Arab world, especially in North Africa. Not Tunisia, Egypt or Libya. Libyans by nature have no kneeling towards radical Islam, Wahabbi Saudi version. Majority of Libyans aspire to a very romantic, softer version of Islam called Sufism.  


SL: Do you believe that with whatever new government takes form, that relations with the U.S. and Israel be improved?  

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