Is the Bomb Good for Us?

Controversy in Iran surrounding the development of nuclear bombs

Published: February 19th 2011
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Iranian nuclear power plant

Turns out that unlike Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, some officials in the Islamic republic are not as certain regarding continuation of the nuclear plan to its final phase- the creation of an atom bomb. This comes from a secret American intelligence report which was leaked to the Wall Street Journal this weekend.


The classified document shows that American Intelligence believes that the internal argument in Iran surrounding the question whether to proceed with producing a nuclear bomb or not has heated up lately. The reason behind the debate, the report says, is the influence of the economic sanctions the West has placed on Tehran.


Due to the sanctions, the Iranian regime had to withdraw subsidies on fuel for its citizens and on basic products - steps which definitely help incite the opposition and the masses currently protesting against Ayatollahs' regime.


According to the report, Iran still continues to enrich Uranium but still has not entered the phase of preparation for the bomb (information which is not entirely true due to past reports). “The bottom line is that the intelligence community has reached the conclusion that there is an intensive argument in the Iranian regime surrounding this subject”, an American official said.


“Some of the Iranian official have strong feelings about the seriousness and the negativeness of the sanctions,” he added. It's important to note that in the past the Americans failed to see the big picture. In 2007, the US intelligence community believed the Iranians had already stopped the nuclear plan in 2003. The new report represents a significant shift from the old report, stating that Iran continues its nuclear program, but that there is internal controversy sorrounding it.

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