Zac Efron is NOT Jewish

Published: February 18th 2011
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Who will replace Efron as sexiest Jew?

High School Musical superstar Zac Efron has long been considered the sexiest Jew in Hollywood. It turns out- he's not Jewish. Shalom Life spoke with Zac's publicist this afternoon who confirmed the actor isn't Jewish.


"Zac isn’t jewish.  That was misprinted in a magazine,” says Gina Hoffman, Efron's publicist.


Since this mistake was originally printed, over 5000 articles have been published regarding Efron's supposed Jewish ancestry.  The Jewish Journal called Efron a “gorgeous Jewish boy” and The Examiner,, and all suggest Vanessa Hudgens is contemplating converting to Judaism in order to continue dating Zac.


Until now, none of Efron's representative’s has made a public statement to clear up this rumour.


So who will replace Efron as Sexiest Jew? Perhaps we should select a candidate that has confirmed their religious leanings first-hand.


Jake Gyllenhaal? Drake? Jake Epstein?


E-mail in your suggestions to  Next month we will release a list of Hollywood's Top 10 Sexiest REAL Jews.

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