Jewish Ryerson Student Raises Awareness of Child Labour

Published: February 18th 2011
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Rachelle Marmur

Rachelle Marmur partnered with Hillel to organize a viewing of the documentary Stolen Childhoods yesterday at Ryerson University after she was inspired by her trip working with Indian children last summer with American Jewish World Service.


“I came home and felt a culture shock and had seen something, a different world that I had only read about or watched on TV and I felt very passionate and I wanted to do something,” Marmur said.


About 15 Jewish and non-Jewish students attended the film, narrated by Meryl Streep, which depicts child labourers all over the world. To emphasize that buying fair trade products can help prevent child labour, free fair-trade coffee, bananas and chocolate were served.


“If you do want to get involved and make a difference it’s hard to even know where to start so the hope with the video is that it might give you some guide to what you can do,” said a Ryerson student at the event.


Marmur says that the most important steps the average person can take is supporting fair trade and supporting NGO’S that work on the ground.


The fourth-year social work student has always been interested in international justice issues and witnessed children working instead of attending school during her time in South East India near the city of Chennai, although she says the situation has improved.


India has the most children working under 14 years old in the world, and 20 per cent of 6-14 year olds don’t go to school, according a 2008 UNICEF survey.

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