The Worst Jewish Cook in America

Published: February 17th 2011
in Culture » Television

Joshie Berger


This entire ordeal was life changing. I am in the kitchen all day, improving my skills and getting rave reviews from people. I love cooking and I will find a path in life that reflects that. I have added twists to traditional heimishe foods and have many of my own creations. I freak out if I’m out of fennel. When I showed up to boot camp I didn’t even recognize it and asked Chef Anne “what’s with the retarded onion?” I think my experience can help others and I will make sure to share this with others. I cannot express to you how grateful I am to Food Network for this opportunity. I have nothing but kind words towards everyone along the way from the people who lived with us to the producers to the camera and sound people. Even though I’m secular and hate the term, I feel blessed to have had this happen to me. L’chaim.


This article first appeared on Heeb Magazine and is reprinted with permission.

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