Alan Dershowitz to Join Wikileaks Legal Team

Published: February 17th 2011
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Alan Dershowitz

Prominent Harvard Law School professor and political commentator, Alan Dershowitz announced he would join Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s legal team. Assange is currently fighting extradition from the U.K. to Sweden, where he is facing sexual assault charges.


Dershowitz "will be focusing on First and Fourth Amendment issues, freedom of press and freedom of association and limitations on the government's power to intrude on these rights. I will also be interested in helping to develop the law involving the new electronic media," he explained in an interview with CNN’s Eliot Spitzer.


“We argue that the cutting-edge issue of this decade really is the application of the First and fourth Amendment to the social media, to electronic journalism, to the new media. We're worried not only about this particular application but the precedent it will set in the electronic context, where you can get thousands, millions, perhaps tens of millions of pieces of information about individuals, and so it's important to fight this battle, at the earliest possible stage," he added.


He also discussed America’s hypocrisy apropos of new media, praising Egypt’s use of social networks to fuel revolution, yet attempting to silence Wikileaks.


“The United States is encouraging, of course, the new media in Iran, in Egypt, and other parts of the world and at the same time it's obviously seeking to chill the use of those media by seeking the records of people who follow on Twitter or tweets or use WikiLeaks, and so we think double standards are being applied in the form of rights for me but not for thee,” stated Dershowitz.


Despite numerous high profile cases, Dershowitz has spent most of his career at Harvard Law School, where in 1967 at the tender of 28, he became the youngest full professor in its history.

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