Safety Concerns for the Jews of Tunisia

Published: February 16th 2011
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Grand Synagogue in Tunisia

According to a community spokesman, there is a sense of concern over security for Tunisia's Jewish community following anti-Jewish protests outside of the capital's main synagogue.


Roger Bismuth, the head of Tunisia’s Jewish community met recently with the country's interim prime minister, Mohammed Ghanoucci, and requested better security for the country's 1,500 Jews.


On Feb. 11, Muslim demonstrators gathered in front of the synagogue in the capital, Tunis, and shouted anti-Jewish epithets.


Last month, amid the political upheaval and violence in the African nation that toppled President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the Tunisian military deployed forces specifically charged with protecting the Jewish community on the southern island of Djerba and elsewhere. The interim government reportedly is working to stabilize the country.

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